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Chef Raul is Back from Mexico City!
Oct 22nd:   12pm   FlavorRite Demonstration $25
Oct 22nd:   5pm   FlavorRite Demonstration $25
Oct 23rd:   10-4pm   Hands-on Cake Decorating $100
Join Us as the Entertaining Chef Raul shares his knowledge, techniques and gives away prizes!!


$10 Demonstrations

Get easy, fun ideas and recipes while you sample products:
Oct 26th:  10am   Fall cupcake ideas
Oct 26th:  12:30pm   Fall cookie ideas
Nov 8th:   10am   Winter cupcake ideas
Nov 8th:   2pm    Winter cookie ideas
Nov 8th:   5pm    Winter chocolate ideas
Dec 3rd:   10am   Winter cupcake ideas
Dec 3rd:   2pm     Winter cookie  ideas
Dec 3rd:   5pm     Winter chocolate ideas

2019 Class Schedule
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